You Are Not Going to Turn Into a Goy.

Unless you choose to have a Goyish kup!

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I have been a Jewish believer in Yeshua for many years. My Jewish identity remained the same before and after I believed that Yeshua is the Messiah. I do not consider myself a Christian.

The image above is an example of why the first believers in Yeshua were considered a Jewish sect. Messianic Judaism remains a Jewish sect today. In most cases, more of us keep Torah than Jewish people who are reform, humanistic, and reconstruction Jews.

When I first believed that Yeshua was the Messiah of Israel, it was a strange paradox, and I hung around both Jewish believers in Yeshua and Christians. 

I went to church and a Messianic schul.

Being in a church gave me additional close friends who became like family.  There were encouraging spiritual sermons, a noticeable presence of God, supernatural healings, and evidence of supernatural discernment. Nonetheless, it was not a perfect fit for me. In my kishkes something was wrong. 

Simultaneously, I attended a Messianic synagogue. There I was able to embrace my people, traditions, and culture. That was a perfect fit.


I was born Jewish and have never lost my Jewishness. 

I continued to celebrate the Jewish holidays and never celebrated Christmas, Easter, etc. 


I was brought up traditionally conservative, didn't eat kosher as described in the Torah, and didn't rest on Shabbat. 

Being at the Messianic schul made me a better Jewish person. Because of that influence, I began eating kosher and keeping Shabbat. 

Actually, believing in Yeshua made me more Jewish. Years later, one of my first cousins, who knew I believed in Yeshua, said that I was the most Jewish person in our family. 

All of that happened years ago. 

I hadn't gone to a church in many years. Recently, a friend suggested that I should visit a specific church. After I had been there about 20 minutes, I texted my husband that I would wait 30 minutes to find out if it would become more tolerable. I lasted about 10 minutes and walked out. 

Why couldn't I bear staying in that church service? 

As Jewish people, we know the G-d of Israel, the Almighty G-d. I have observed that Gentiles seem to believe that "Jesus" is the Almighty G-d, and at the same time, he is the son of the Almighty G-d.

I believe Yeshua is the son of the Almighty G-d. He came to provide a permanent atonement to bring us into a closer relationship with his father. He didn't come to be worshipped and he didn't come to start a new religion.  

My ideal place to worship now would be a conservative synagogue in which the liturgy was done in Hebrew with an English translation or a Messianic Schul. 

Why? Because I choose to have a Yiddisha kup. Why put my kishkes in an uproar?