Light to the Goyim

We were supposed to spread the great news that the G-d of Israel is the one true God, but instead, we have gotten so twisted that the Rabbis wait for a Goy to approach them to accept our G-d and then they apply a lot of hard questioning, testing and study instead of just requiring simple faith from the heart.

In fact faith that is complex, is not really faith at all, but rather reasoning of the mind. Can you imagine having to know exactly how electricity works before you turn on a light! 

The G-d of Abraham, Isaac, amd Jacob sent his son to the earth to the Jews first and then to the Goyem.  He has been called the light of the world. His name is Yeshua. He is our Messiah. He is alive and well, and wants you to know the truth about him and he wants you to have a real and personal relationship with him.


Maybe you have never heard the name Yeshua. Well, the Goyem call him Jesus. But, that’s not what his mom called him. She called him by the name our Jewish God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob called him, and that name is Yeshua.

I am a Jew who wants to share with you that person, our Messiah, Yeshua. Only faith can bring him into your life in a real way.


Want to know more?


Why not ask the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob if Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel?